By hearing we are taught

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Those five words in our ritual are particularly meaningful even standing alone as they do in the title above. Masons recognize - on MANY levels - that the hearing of ritual comes to imprint on our minds and souls the value of right-thinking and right-living. We know too that hearing something repeated often causes us to remember.

Baby-boomers and the generations that follow are often 'hooked on music'. It brought us comfort in our youth and as we age, brings us comfort again. This post is about Masonic ear/brain comfort music - music which makes us also do something subconsciously: think!

If you're not familiar with the recent CD from Netherlands Mason Harm Timmerman's "The Temple of Humanity" you should IMMEDIATELY punch that link and order it. Don't wait until tomorrow. Do it now! You'll thank me for this.

It's Masonic music unlike any you've ever heard before and it will speak to you on so many different levels that you'll find yourself putting it on the top of your play list. You'll recommend it to others again and again. Whether you're esoterically-minded or a 'meat and potatoes' Mason like this writer, you'll be very pleased with this choice. I'd suggest you get the CD version ($20) compared to the MP3 one ($8.99) because you can easily move the songs to your iPhone or iPod and you'll be able to lend it to Brothers as well.

A now Past Grand Master recently told a group of Masons about his visit to our state's Veterans' Home. The Grand Lodge officers were doing a degree and there were several Brothers who'd been wheeled in totally unaware of their surroundings. Aprons were placed on them in their wheelchairs but due to dementia, they were, in effect, lost.

Doing the ritual slowly in full form so that Brethren who'd not been in lodge for years could savor it, the GM knew fully well that some of these men wouldn't know what had happened. While going through the ritual, though, he began to notice something quite curious. Several of these men who were introduced to him by the staff as 'completely disconnected' were beginning to look to the NEXT officer who was to speak. The words of ritual they were hearing were so very much a part of their life that even though they couldn't communicate with the world or understand what was going on around them, they knew that when the Senior Warden was speaking certain words, the Junior Warden would speak next. This, my Brothers, explains 'By hearing we are taught' in a more poignant way than all the words in the world.

Enjoy your iPhone listening....
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You now observe me....

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Yes, when somebody else is doing it, it's all so very easy but when you go do to it.... Ooops! Ever have that problem? You were asked to fill in as Senior Deacon for a Fellowcraft Degree two nights from now but you haven't done the part for the past five years - or you're attending your first Royal Arch meeting in a few years and they're doing a degree so you need to know all the signs and tokens. We've all been there: it looked SO easy but now as the pedal is about to hit the metal, it's a whole different thing.

Royal Arch Room Ark replica 3Image via Wikipedia

And if you're considering an iPhone, there's probably much the same anxiety. It all looks SO very simple when someone else is blathering on about it. But, my Brother, you need to know that a LOT of this is really very much 'follow your nose'. The more you use it, the easier it'll become and every day you'll find new uses and - hopefully - get more excited.

If you've got or are getting an iPhone, BUY THE BOOK that's over in the right column. Terry & Scott have done a fabulous job making things make sense to even clods like this site's author. On the other hand, you may still be on the edge and want to get some more information. If so, you might want to spend several hours trouncing through the About.com pages on the iPhone. Yes, I know: you probably HATE their ads and popups but they have several articles that might be just what you're looking for. Check here as a starting place talking about getting apps from the app store, one of the BIG selling points of the iPhone line. The caution is that some of the things are out of date now (iTunes is 8.2 not 7.7, for example, and the 2.0 operating system stuff is LONG past) but you'll hopefully get a reasonable idea. I'd still suggest buying the book - but that's your choice!
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