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"Third time's a charm." - or so the saying goes. In Freemasonry, the number three is a pretty significant number (understatement noted!) and the THIRD Masonic iPhone app, unlike the first two, looks to be a real winner.

Quite by accident (slogging through followers of followers on Twitter) I stumbled across a feed for Masonic Travel (Twitter link here) noting their announcement of a new iPhone app just five days ago. Sighing with the expectation of yet another useless waste of money (like the first two so-called 'Masonic' iPhone apps), I went to their website and nearly fell over. Had they REALLY done this? An application with lodge listings from all over the United States? The ability to go to lodge websites from inside their application? Oh, MY!

Of course, I jumped on it and after a quick download, I was able to see the 28 lodges closest to me with Masonic Traveler using the internal GPS of the iPhone. While the phone, website, etc. for all of these lodges was missing, I suspect there will be a way to add this soon. The app was created by an IDENTIFIED Mason (Bro. Eric Madison who, sadly, I don't believe I've ever met online) and had some tremendous pictures on the iPhone apps page

I won't repeat this program's long list of capabilities but it is certainly a Masonic application worth having - if for no other reason than the 'This is why I have an iPhone' factor when talking with other Masons. It's not particularly inexpensive ($7.99) but for all the work that's gone into it, you'd be hard pressed to not agree it's a very small payment of wages indeed.

Will you find an error? Perhaps. Even Grand Lodge Webmasters are sometimes left in the dark about lodge location and date changes (speaking as the Webmaster for not one but TWO Grand Lodges, I know whereof I speak....) but hopefully the publisher will create a way for absent/erroneous information to be corrected and updated by authorized persons. Research lodges didn't seem to be included but hopefully this will be added soon as well. As a 1.0 version, it's really tremendous and I would encourage ALL Masons to buy it without delay. Hit your "Apps" button on the iPhone and search for "Masonic Traveler". You'll be pleasantly surprised with the quantum leap that's been made in Masonic iPhone applications and you'll know why Masonic iPhone gives this a five thumbs up!

Oh, and did I mention that you can keep track of the lodges you've visited too? What a great thing for those who're Grand Officers wanting to be sure they've 'been everywhere' or the Mason whose job takes him all over. I am really impressed with this work: congratulations Brother Madison!
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