Masons of Texas embrace iPhone

Posted by Ed King on Friday, October 29, 2010 in , , , ,
Although there are updates to iPhone programs every day, I don't always go poking around in the App Store to see what's new. Besides, their search system stinks worse than two dozen dead skunks on a half mile stretch of road. Popping in "Masonry" earlier this week, I saw a bright and shiny new icon which said "Masons of Texas". How could I resist?
The very first preview screen of the program, intelligently, pointed me to their website which revealed a LOT of work by, it would seem, one very dedicated Mason - Bro. Blake Bowden. It's graphically appealing, well laid out, and intellectually stimulating. WOW!

I'll be the first to say that what this internet doesn't need is one more Masonic discussion area. Yes, I'm still dreaming back to the days where you could go to CompuServe and find out everything about everything from everyone and for that reason, I think the Brother who has invested enormous time and energy into this won't be rewarded nearly enough for his labors. However, I do see how this type of site, coupled with the enthusiasm of this Mason, could do wonders on a national basis. The iPhone link is unbelievably smooth and it's a joy to behold. Although not an official app, it could well be. Wouldn't it be nice if The Masonic Society, for example, were to have their bulletin board system available this way? Think of the possibilities....

Kudos to Brother Bowden - and for those Masons who've been searching for this type of program, look to Texas! Their Grand Lodge was the very first Grand Lodge to link to my masonicinfo.com website back within just a couple of months of its creation so I know there's a LOT of great Masons there. Check out this app. It's really good! 

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