The winter of my discontent!

Posted by Ed King on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 in , , ,
Chalk it up to a sour disposition, induced by a couple of very bad colds this winter (no flu of any kind thankfully) but I've honestly found writing about my iPhone to be pretty low on the priority list for the past couple of months. The work of being Secretary for a newly-forming daylight lodge might have had a small part in keeping me occupied but honestly, the more I use the PHONE part of the iPhone, the angrier I become.

If you've heard the stories about the iPhone having sound capabilities far worse than much cheaper (or even free) mobile phones, I'd agree with them based on my experience. The phone really is difficult to hear sometimes, particularly when you're in a crowded area or in a car with four studded snow tires and a group of jabbering Masons!

Don't even get me started on the coverage issue! Sure, I live in a somewhat remote area but I'm a few hundred feet from one of the major highways in the state. It's impossible to sit on the living room sofa and receive a call - and often calls are dropped if you simply turn your head a few inches. This ain't no way to run a railroad, as the saying goes.

Do the MANY other features of my iPhone make it still worthwhile? You betcha - and during this, my winter of discontent, I've gotten a half dozen programs that have made the Secretary's job a LOT easier and can help you if you're involved in lodge, chapter, council, commandery, shrine or the leadership of ANY body. I'll try to get my act in gear soon and tell you about them all. Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you know that the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

Oh, and just so you don't have to write: I know about AT&T's app that allows you to report dropped calls and/or no coverage but guess what? It has no way to store that information so it can be sent to them sometime when there IS coverage. Thus, you go to all the trouble of clicking around to report something and at the end it reports 'No Connection. Try again later.' DUH! I can't report that I don't have a connection because I don't have a connection. They really thought this one out, didn't they

I'll get back to my old self soon - I hope. Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves....
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