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Blogs come and go - just as bloggers do. Like a bad penny, however, I'm back - and now that I've got my iPhone 4, I'm in love again. Oh, it's not that the phone reception problems have gone away: living in remote areas like Northern Maine or San Francisco, one accepts this as a fact of iPhone life. The much bally-hooed antenna problem, however, never seems to have been an issue and, in fact, this phone seems to have marginally (VERY marginally) better reception than before. The phone sounds better too, something I had also whinged about previously.

The biggest plus, though, is that this phone REALLY moves! And the screen has left me breathless. It is SO crisp and clear that it's really impossible to understand unless you hold it side-by-side with an iPhone 3. With some programs, it's just astonishing. Yes, a lot of superlatives and, to be sure, there are great things about other phones but this will be a phone you'll want to keep around for a while until the next rendering which will memorize your ritual for you, provide extra funds for charity contributions, and ensure that you get at least three healthy helpings at each and every Masonic dinner you attend. Oh, wait: I wasn't supposed to tell you about that. Whoops!

In any event, I'll start posting here again with some really useful apps for my Brother Masons with an iPhone. For those without, please remember that jealousy is NOT a Masonic virtue. Just go buy one and you'll be fine.
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